In today’s digital era, the appetite for audiobooks has surged, offering authors a golden opportunity to reach audiences who prefer listening over reading. With platforms like Spotify and Amazon leading the charge in audiobook consumption, the challenge for many authors lies in navigating the complexities of distribution. That’s where PEEKSOUND comes into play. Traditionally recognized for its music distribution prowess, PEEKSOUND has expanded its horizon to cater to authors, enabling them to distribute audiobooks to major digital platforms effortlessly. This article delves into the process of using PEEKSOUND for audiobook distribution, highlighting its benefits and providing a step-by-step guide to unlock a wider audience for your literary work.

The Audiobook Advantage

Audiobooks offer a unique blend of convenience and accessibility, allowing listeners to delve into stories while on the move, performing chores, or relaxing at home. This growing segment of the publishing industry not only broadens your potential audience but also adds an extra layer of engagement through the power of voice.

Why Choose PEEKSOUND for Your Audiobook Distribution?

Broad Distribution Network: PEEKSOUND’s partnership with leading digital platforms like Spotify and Amazon means your audiobook can reach listeners across the globe, enhancing visibility and increasing the potential for revenue.

Simplified Distribution Process: PEEKSOUND streamlines the distribution process, making it easy for authors to upload their audiobooks, set release dates, and manage their catalogues through a user-friendly dashboard.

Royalty Management: Authors retain control over their work, receiving detailed reports and timely payments, ensuring transparency and trust in the distribution process.

Getting Your Audiobook Ready for Distribution

Before diving into distribution, your audiobook needs to be polished and prepared. This includes professional recording and editing to ensure high audio quality, as well as gathering all necessary metadata (title, author, narrator, etc.) for effective listing on digital platforms.

Step-by-Step Guide to Distributing Your Audiobook with PEEKSOUND

1.Create Your PEEKSOUND Account: Sign up on the PEEKSOUND platform, selecting the option for audiobook distribution.

2.Prepare Your Audiobook Files: Ensure your audiobook files are in an acceptable format (typically MP3 or WAV) with clear chapter delineation and metadata for easy navigation.

3.Upload Your Audiobook: Follow the PEEKSOUND upload process, entering all relevant information and uploading your audio files.

4.Set Your Release Date: Choose when you want your audiobook to go live on Spotify, Amazon, and other platforms, allowing time for promotional activities.

5.Promote Your Audiobook: Utilize social media, email newsletters, and other marketing channels to build anticipation and drive listeners to your audiobook upon release.

6.Monitor Performance: Use PEEKSOUND’s analytics tools to track your audiobook’s performance across different platforms, gaining insights into listener demographics and behavior.

Maximizing Your Audiobook’s Success on Digital Platforms

Beyond distribution, success in the audiobook market requires strategic promotion and engagement with your audience. Here are a few tips to enhance your audiobook’s visibility and appeal:

•Leverage Social Media: Share behind-the-scenes content, snippets from your audiobook, and engage with your followers to build interest.

•Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with content creators and influencers who can help promote your audiobook to their followers.

•Offer Promotional Codes: Platforms like Amazon provide options to offer your audiobook for free or at a discount for a limited time, which can help garner reviews and jumpstart your sales.


As the audiobook market continues to grow, authors must adapt and explore new avenues for distribution and engagement. PEEKSOUND offers an innovative solution, bridging the gap between authors and the vast audience of audiobook listeners on platforms like Spotify and Amazon. By following the steps outlined above and embracing the potential of digital distribution, authors can expand their reach, connect with more listeners, and ultimately, elevate their storytelling to new heights.