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PeekSound offers an unparalleled service in digital music distribution and music video distribution, ensuring your music reaches the leading streaming services like Apple Music, VEVO, TIDAL, Spotify, and more. Our comprehensive distribution network caters to artists and record labels seeking effective and affordable ways to publish their music and music videos on global digital platforms.
Affordable and Comprehensive Music Distribution

For just $79.99/year per artist, PeekSound provides a unique opportunity to release your entire music and video catalog to worldwide digital outlets under one low yearly fee.

This exceptional offer includes distribution to all major digital outlets, allowing you to maximize your reach and audience engagement.

Want your music or music video distributed to all the digital outlets?




Join our independent artist and record label community.

Artist keep 100% of their sales revenue.

We can distribute music artist projects whether it’s a Music Video, Album, Single or anything in between.

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PeekSound proudly supports the delivery of Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio and Apple Music Album Motion Artwork, enhancing the listening experience for your audience

Dolby Atmos
Apple Music Motion Artwork
Monetization and Revenue Generation
Artists retain 100% of their sales revenue with PeekSound. This includes monetizing projects on YouTube without the need for 1,000 subscribers.
We offer seamless integration with social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, enabling artists and their fans to use music as background tracks on these platforms
Our service is unique in the market, charging only a single yearly membership fee, regardless of the number of singles, EPs, albums, or music videos in an artist’s catalog
Additional Features and Opportunities
PeekSound offers exclusive features like Spotify Canvas creation, aiding in the promotion of music releases, audiobook releases, and tour announcements.
We facilitate opportunities for artists to book their first tour with our partners, opening new avenues for revenue generation.
PeekSound is committed to free music and music video takedowns from all digital outlets upon request
List of Digital Outlets

Empowering Independent Artists and Record Labels

Join our vibrant community of independent artists and record labels.
We offer discounted bulk purchase options for independent labels seeking music distribution for multiple artists.
PeekSound ensures that artists maintain complete control over their rights and royalties, empowering them in their creative and professional journey.

List of Digital Outlets and Global Reach

Our network encompasses over 150 digital store partners, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many more.
We specialize in getting your music and music videos onto all key digital outlets, ensuring your talent is showcased on a global stage.
At PeekSound, we believe in empowering artists and labels with the tools and services needed for successful digital music and music video distribution. Our commitment to affordability, extensive distribution, and artist empowerment makes us your ideal partner in the journey to share your music with the world. Join us today and take your music career to new heights!
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