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Frequently Asked Questions


Peeksound’s review team will review and approve your release with in on business day.   Once your release has been approved, it will be submitted to all the digital stores immediately.  At that point, its up to the store on the amount of time it takes them to add your release to their store.

To make sure we meet your specific release date as timely as possible, we recommend uploading your content and paying for distribution at least 3 weeks ahead of your target release date or pre-order start date. To avoid any additional delays, please make sure your release meets the formatting requirements of all the digital outlets.

The time frame listed below is dependent on the digital outlets workload.

  • iTunes: 24-48 hours
  • Amazon Music: 1-3 business days
  • Deezer , iHeartRadio: 3-7 business days
  • Amazon On Demand: 6-8 weeks
  • Google Play: 1-2 weeks
  • Spotify: 5 business days
  • All other stores take 1-3 weeks

What format should my release cover & music be in?

All music should be in WAV format and all music covers should be a high quality image that is at least 5000 x 5000 pixels.

Can PEEKSOUND refuse to distribute my audio or video project? 

Yes for any reason we can refuse to distribute your project, If we fill the quality of your project is not to our standards or if you have not fixed an issue with a project after 3 attempts.

Does PEEKSOUND promote artist projects?

NO! We only distribute the artist project to the digital outlets. It’s up to the artist to promote their project.

What digital outlets does my music video get distributed too?

Apple Music*
Audible Magic
Naver Music/Vibe
Nightlife Music
Tencent Music Entertainment
YouTube Music/Premium

*Video outlets not included with unlimited plan. There is a fee for delivery to outlets.

Can I submit music/music video I don’t own the rights too?

No! It is illegal and you can be sued if you don’t own the rights to the music you are submitting. Our team reviews all release and if we determine you are not the owner of the release we will NOT submit your release to the digital outlets. You may also be banned from using our service.

What are the music video requirments for me to submit my music video to digital outlets?

Video Requirements
Content Requirements

Total Video Length Under 10 minutes

Video Contains
• No nudity or sexually explicit scenes
• No graphic violence
• No logos or copyrighted material
• No text or image overlays in the lower third
File Requirements
We suggest uploading your video file in .MOV format with H.264 video codec, however we also accept the formats below:

Accepted File Formats
Audio Channel

Must be Stereo

Video + Audio Codecs

Video Codec
• ProRes 422 (HQ)
• ProRes 4444
• ProRes 4444 (XQ)
• H.222
• H.262
• H.263
• H.264
• H.265
• DivX/Xvid
• MPEG-1
• MPEG-2
• MPEG-4 Part 2
• VC-1
Audio Codec
• MP2
• MP3
• WMA2

Video + Audio Bitrates

Video Bitrate
• SD ProRes VBR : 40-60 Mbps
• SD MPEG-2 : 15 Mbps
• HD ProRes VBR : ~220 Mbps
• 4K ProRes 422 (HQ) VBR : ~880 Mbps
• 4K ProRes 4444 VBR : ~1320 Mbps
• 4K ProRes 4444 (XQ) VBR : ~2000 Mbps
• H.264 : 80+ Mbps

• H.265 : 80+ Mbps

Audio Bitrate
• PCM Stereo
• MP2 Stereo : 384 kbps
• AAC-LC : 384+ kbps

Audio Sample Rate

• MP2 Stereo : 48 Khz
• PCM Stereo : 48 Khz
• AAC-LC : 48 Khz

Frame Rate
• 23.976
• 24
• 25
• 29.97
• 30 *
• 50 *
• 60 *
* Please note, we reduce a 30 FPS to 29.97, 50 FPS to 25, 60 FPS to 29.97

Video Resolutions
Videos with the resolutions listed below are preferred, however, we will attempt to convert videos of any resolution to the closest acceptable resolution:

• SD : 720 x 404

• SD : 720 x 405

• SD : 720 x 406

• SD : 720 x 480

• SD : 720 x 540

• SD : 720 x 576

• 720 : 1280 x 448

• 720 : 1280 x 480

• 720 : 1280 x 512

• 720 : 1280 x 544

• 720 : 1280 x 576

• 720 : 1280 x 608

• 720 : 1280 x 640

• 720 : 1280 x 674

• 720 : 1280 x 692

• 720 : 1280 x 704

• 720 : 1280 x 720

• 1080 : 1920 x 672

• 1080 : 1920 x 720

• 1080 : 1920 x 768

• 1080 : 1920 x 816

• 1080 : 1920 x 864

• 1080 : 1920 x 912

• 1080 : 1920 x 960

• 1080 : 1920 x 1008

• 1080 : 1920 x 1038

• 1080 : 1920 x 1056

• 1080 : 1920 x 1080

I have unlimited Music/Music Video distribution, can I submit other artist music using my account?

No! Only submit music that is owned by the artist. One artist per Unlimited Music or Unlimited Music Video account. We review all submissions and if we find that the music you submitted doesn’t belong to artist who has an account with us your the music will be deleted.

How do I get access to my dashboard?

Once you sign up you will receive an email with a link to register for your dashboard.


Is there a fee for videos being distributed to Apple?

Yes, Apple requires projects being delived to them to be encoded. We charge a fee of $55 to encode your project for Apple.

Can I submit my video to PEEKSOUND if it has already been Apple Encoded by another service?

No, Encoding must be done by our Certified Apple Encoding team. Apple only accepts encoded video’s from a encoding house certified by Apple.

Does PEEKSOUND distribute videos to VEVO?

Yes, In order to submit videos to VEVO, first you must have a VEVO profile. If you do not already have a VEVO profile we can create one for you for a one-time setup fee of $89.99 (VEVO profile’s take 2 weeks to setup). Once we have create you a VEVO profile there is a $24.99/per video fee to submit a project to your VEVO profile.

When will I receive my sales report?

If you have a new release it can take up to 90 days before we receive a sales report. Once we receive your royalty report it will be updated in your dashboard with a breakdown of outlets, countries and amount made.

How do I get paid my royalties?

Royalties are automatically deposited into your PayPal account that we have on file every quarter once your account reaches $250 or more. There are 4 quarters in a year.

You can login PeekSound dashboard to see your royalties and past payments. Make sure you put your PayPal email address in your profile settings.

PEEKSOUND charges a $10 fee for every royalty payout payment sent to the artist via PayPal, the fee will be deducted from your payout balance.



What happens to my music on PeekSound if I don’t pay the yearly fee?

If you didn’t pay for “Project Insurance” ($30.00/per project). We will make 3 attempts to charge the credit card that we have on file. If we are unable to charge your card after the third attempt your PeekSound account will be locked and you will not have access to your account until the yearly fee is paid. Your music will remain in our system until you either pay the past due yearly fee or you pay the $35/per release fee then we will release your music and royalties owed to you. NO REFUNDS. Please read our Music Distribution Terms of Conditions.


How can I ensure my project will not be deleted if I lapse in my membership payment?

Opt any album/single or video into PEEKSOUND “Project insurance” feature a $30.00 fee per project.

Project insurance can be added to a release so that it won’t be removed due to a lapsed membership payment (if your credit card is rejected, etc.).

Adding this to a release does not replace your annual membership fee, and it is not a one-time payment for all of your releases.

If you manually close your PEEKSOUND account, your releases will be deleted. But your releases won’t be deleted because your card is declined or that sort of thing.


Can I pull my project at anytime?

Yes, you can pull any project at anytime. We charge a $35 fee per project to pull any of your projects.

How do I cancel my yearly subscription for my release?

You can cancel anytime and your sales revenue minus our take down fee ($35 per release) will be credited to your PayPal account on file. Click Here To Cancel