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4 Tips on Choosing a Music Distribution Company

August 1, 2022

More than 500,000 songs are released each year.Distributing your music on your own can be challenging and may result in failure. You won’t have ...

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NFT and the Music Industry

July 14, 2021

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, are a form of cryptocurrency. Think of them as the fancy box that cannot be tampered with and broken into. So ...

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How Has the Music Industry Changed Since the Pandemic?

July 7, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced musical artists to move away from live performances in front of massive crowds to entertaining their fans from their ...

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Different Types of Recording Contracts

June 28, 2021

Record deals can range from singles deals for emerging artists to 50/50 joint ventures between labels and celebrities. The majority of the offers you&...

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How to Find the Best Artist Manager for Your Career

June 20, 2021

If you’re an artist who’s in the process of developing their career, you will reach a point where you can’t do everything by yourself. Hence, you will...

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Everything you need to know about streaming fraud

May 31, 2021

Streaming service like Apple Music and Spotify are dominating the world of music distribution in the digital space. Streaming benefits both the artist...

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How to Build a Music Career Using the Internet and Social Media

May 24, 2021

Had you been a musical artist who was showcasing his or her craft in the 70s or 80s, you probably wouldn’t have given the Internet much thought. Howev...

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Pro & Cons of Different Recording Software

May 17, 2021

Back in the day, recordings weren’t done using Digital Audio Workstations or DAWs. Before the digital age came about, records were made in studious ut...

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How to Get Noticed as an Independent Music Artist

May 10, 2021

As an artist, one of your goals is to be able to place your music in front of mainstream media and newfound fans. You want to expose your talent, skil...

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5 Ways You Can Promote Your Music In 2021

January 14, 2021

Are your efforts at becoming the next great music artist hitting more snags than you can afford? Is your inbox as empty and desolate as your motivatio...